Located in the picturesque Parvati Valley of the Himalayas, Kasol lies, a small town with great possibilities. Kasol has a lot to do and it’s a haven of greedy travelers in the region. The outcome is a valley of warm colors: blue and white skies, changing rivers and brooks, green pastures with multiple tents, heavy brown trees with red and yellow leaves, and many other things. Nature is splendidly represented by nature at Kasol. Kasol’s sights to the delighted eye are unique and must be experienced to understand their magnificence of. The many things you do in Kasol allow you to experience the best that the countryside can offer and create life-long memories. Trekking is the most popular among the many things to do in Kasol. Because around Kasol, there are many great trekking places that are suitable for all hikers levels. Anyone seeking the landscape in Kasol can enjoy excursions like the Tosh glacier trek and the Malana Village Trek, while hard-core walkers can look at the Kheerganga and Pin Parvati mountain peaks in Kasol amongst others. 

Treks in Kasol enable you to experience the region, as trekking is intimate in itself. The weariness of your muscles and your tired feet after the trek is only an appreciation of the challenge you have taken up and completed. And those days’ memories will make you laugh and feel proud after the treks are over. Biking and biking are other great ways of experiencing the countryside. You can walk through the small towns around Kasol and enjoy pure pleasure for a few hours. Fishing in the valley is another wonderful and relaxing activity. In addition, many other things have to be done in and around Kasol, so you won’t be dealing with Ennui here. The time you spend in Kasol will be therapeutic – the freshness of the mountain brises will cheer you up and the beautiful countryside will relax your body and transform your mind in a happier canal. Visitors can also enjoy camping in Kasol.

Trek to Kheer Ganga

A difficult and yet fun walk to the Kheer Ganga is a four-hour climb, 9 km on the narrow and difficult paths, and thus not to the heart’s faint. Even though it’s tricky in many respects, it’s still one of Kasol’s easiest things and one of Kasol’s audacious things. The town of Kheer Ganga lies on the far end of the Parvati Valley, which will be covered most of the year in the snow and covered slightly in other months, making it a slippery covering and a trail for anybody walking or treking.

This hill is a magical haven for hippies from everywhere and in recent years Indians have visited their land successfully. Once you reach the summit of the Kheer Ganga, the wild, dense, moist clouds, pines and apple trees from fairy tales and the snowy mountains offer an almost hypocritical look to the sky. For the more religious and the more fascinating Indian people, the LordSiva’s beautiful and mystical temple is here to see and to enjoy with hot spring baths.

Simply sit back, relax and allow the mountains, pine trees, food, and the wonderful people from the place to transport you to a whole other world where music is sounding from mother nature in the air and take an opportunity to do the spell burning things of Kasol that made tourist flock to the place in exciting anticipation Kasol is a great idea for your holiday.

Walk along the Parvati River

The Parvati River provides you with a hypnotics view of the beautiful Parvati Valley and the surrounding forests on both sides, with high pine trees above them as opposed to the loud and turbulent waters of the Beas River. In the monsoon season, waters are steep, and the water quickly blows into rapids that send out any enthusiastic rafter or watersports fans to their kayaks.

You have to cross a rickety old wooden bridge to get through the other side of the river, a kind of thrill itself. Enjoy the views of Himachal Pradesh’s beautiful water pride while relaxing on one of the high rocks of the river banks, and take in the views.

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