One of the best hiking experiences you can experience if you are a trekking lover. India has a lot to offer, from the big mountains to the deep seas. In Indian nature, you can enjoy all sorts of adventures. The Kedarkantha region is filled with mountains, so the Kedarkantha trek in Uttarakhand will be a great idea. Below is all the essential information regarding the Kedarkantha Trek which will help you plan your hike in Kedarkantha.

Outdoor adventure can bring real pleasure and trekking is one of the most popular forms of adventure in life. Although for the first-timers it seems difficult, the satisfaction only comes after you finish the trek. Whether it’s harder or easier, an adventure lover always has the pleasure to walk. Before planning a walk to Kedarsantha, there are few important tips to follow.

Best Time To Go For Kedarkantha Trek

It’s a trial tour that starts and ends at Sankri and you can hike around Kedarkantha all year round. But Kedarkantha trek is the best time to visit during the winter season from December to February. The location is full of snow at this time and you feel the snow or the winter trek.

In the winter, therefore, the Kedarkantha Trek should generally be taken to take advantage of the full benefits of the trek. In the monsoon season up until April, you are also strongly advised to avoid treking in the region because the area has a very large amount of snowfall during this phase and it can be extremely dangerous if you take a tour in Kedarkantha or go for a trek in monsoon.

About Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha Trek is a five-day, adventurous and fun trek. In the beautiful atmosphere of nature, you will have the chance to trek in the snow. Trekking is not easy at all. In comparison to many other hiking trips in the Himalayan region, however, the trek to Kedarkantha would not be too hard.

This tour is recommended for those who are keen to walk around the Himalayas but can either be beginners or have a trekking experience in the past. The Kedarkantha Trek experience would be totally different than many other walks you may have experienced.

What To See During Kedarkantha Trek

1. Pinnacle View

You will see a magnificent view of the Garhwal Mountains when you get to the summit. Black Peak, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini will be witnesses. This view makes the whole battle worthwhile for the summit. 

2. Beautiful Campsites

The campsites on the trek are some of the best in India’s Himalayas. One such place is a Khujey meadow with lush green woods. Bhoja Dadi is also a picturesque campground located closer to the Kedarkantha trek.

3. The Kotgaon-Kedarkantha Route

Make sure you walk along Kotgaon, as the village is nothing short of a fairy-tale spot. Don’t take the route during the snowfall, because during this time it’s often found blocked.

Kedarkantha Trekking Things to know Planning

Get ready before you plan to go hiking. Before you plan on a walk it is very important that you undertake thorough research because this investigation will lead to a satisfactory walk. So it is unnecessary to say that preparation for a trek does not end when you subscribe to a trek, but begins with your research.

The trekker alone who is responsible for his schedules and trek planning must be very careful and he must join a trekking agency and register for a trekking scheme. The preparation of the excursion is also part of reading the tour schedule by email and taking note of up-to-date information, as well as daily changes to the schedule. Fitness is a key to trekking, although a more comfortable trek, because of a lot of mental exhaustion and lack of physical strength it is really necessary to complete the entire trek.

Every trekker ought to inherit this unique quality, which they should pay the very attention to when generating waste. Not only should one walker avoid waste generation, but he should also take home waste when it produces. All trekking trails should be believed to be clean by every trekker.

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