As the smartphone market is expanding by leaps and bounds, there is an increasing need for apps to keep people entertained. Sudoku has been one such app that has been hugely popular over the years. People get a free recharge game app and test their logic and reasoning skills by playing Sudoku. Every time they enter a number in a box, they need to ensure that the numbers already in that box add up to nine. As a result of this, people are getting addicted to Sudoku. 

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a type of puzzle in which players must fill up all the boxes with numbers from 1-9 and then form groups of 9 with no repeats. It is a favourite game among many people who are fond of puzzles.

Simple Tips to Play Free Sudoku Game

Many websites provide puzzles and question games to get you entertained today. But most of those websites have one thing in common – they may have a registration fee. Sudoku is a puzzle game website that doesn’t require you to register, and you need to enter the following link in your browser:

1) You can start playing it without paying charges or giving your details. 

2) This simple sudoku game has four difficulty levels for you to choose from – easy, medium, hard and expert. 

3) All of the puzzles are free for you to use.

4) You can play the game and solve sudoku puzzles using unique dimensions. 

5) The game has been created with the most complicated algorithm (as promised). And it is possible to solve it without any assistance.

6) As a result, this simple sudoku online game is completely impossible to complete without some skill and patience. 

How to Play Free Sudoku Game?

Even though this puzzle game doesn’t require registration, all images are waiting for your analysis and solution. You need to click on the “Puzzle” icon on the top right corner of every games page to get started, and you can start solving the puzzle. The game has four difficulty levels to choose from 1) Easy 2) Medium 3) Hard 4 ) Expert. 

To complete the puzzle, you need to fill in the empty squares with numbers 1-9 so that each row, each column and each 3X3 box contains all of the digits from 1-9. You have many ways to complete the puzzle. You can start typing in numbers in the available spaces automatically or manually by clicking on one area at a time. Whenever you order an incorrect number, it will turn red, which is wrong. Keep typing in different numbers until you find a solution.

How to play sudoku online with friends for free?

Sudoku is an extremely popular puzzle, but figuring out the solution can often take a long time. Solving it in an hour or less has been done before, and it involves perfecting your sudoku playing skills. However, websites on the internet provide easy-to-use tools so anyone can become a pro at playing sudoku online with friends for free. 

First, you need to find a free site to register for. There are many Sudoku websites available, but most of them charge customers if they want to play sudoku online with friends. The best websites to play sudoku online with friends are not different from those that trust money, and it is just that the users have to spend less time on the game.

The next step is to register on the website, granting you access to a list of people who play sudoku online with friends. Find a friend and start playing Sudoku online with them. You will then be able to play games and compete against each other to see who can quickly solve sudoku puzzles. You can also share scores between you and your partner to improve your abilities further. 

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