It isn’t a hassle to count & burn your calories. You can even burn your calories without even going to the gym. This is because there are multiple types of activities that you can perform without joining a proper fitness facility. And the good news is that – you can do all of these while you’re at home, travelling or at work. The activities that you’ll be choosing will depend on the amount of time you have on your hands. Moreover, you also need to judge your body on the day of the exercise and whether it would be the ideal time for the calorie-burning process. 

There’s no right or wrong process in this calorie-burning agenda. The number of calories that you’ll be burning will depend on your sex, weight, body composition, age and the like. So, the rate of calorie burning will be different for different people. Therefore, without much pondering around, let’s jump onto the list right away. 

Useful Methods To Burn At Least 100 Calories

  1. Climbing Stairs

According to a personal trainer in Newcastle, you can always find a staircase nearby – be it at home or work. Try to walk the stairs for just ten minutes and you’ll be able to burn at least 100 calories. Moreover, you’ll also be able to build strong legs. Climbing stairs will help you keep the muscles in your lower body fit and strong – be it walking downstairs or upstairs. 

  1. Stretching & Relaxing

If you can relax and stretch and thereby perform any type of yoga exercise for around thirty minutes, then you’ll be able to burn 100 calories. Apart from burning 100 calories, you’ll also be able t increase the overall motion inside your joints, reduce any bodily stress and thereby enhance the quality of your sleep. 

  1. Playing Ping Pong

If you’re not a regular ping pong player, then you start doing so now because if you can simply play for twenty minutes, you’ll be able to burn 100 calories. Playing ping pong will enhance your hand-eye coordination. Simply pick a good opponent and start burning more calories. Moreover, ping pong will also act as a great aerobic exercise. If you cannot play ping pong at home, then you can visit a local club. 

  1. Talking & Walking

Who said that you have to sit down and talk? If you have the opportunity, then you can simply take a walk around your nearby park and thereby take your phone calls in the process. A simple 15-minute phone call sessions will help you burn at least 50 calories, so two sessions of those and you’ll easily burn 100 calories. 

  1. Try Standing Up

In case you’re unaware then you must know that every ten minutes you stand up, you’ll be burning 10 calories. So, 100 minutes of standing up mean burning 100 calories. To do that you need to obtain a standing desk for the same, especially if you’re working. Moreover, you can hold meetings with your co-workers inside conference rooms standing instead of seating. 

  1. Jump Rope

If you’re serious about losing weight, then you need to burn through calories pretty fast. And to do that, you need to try jump roping. It’s an exercise that improves your body coordination and thereby adds strength to your lower legs. 

If you can jump for at least seven minutes per session, you’ll be able to burn 100 calories. In case you can’t perform the exercise all at once, then be sure to keep your rope handy with you throughout the day. 

Finally, we hope you liked our suggestions and for any additional assistance, contact us today and set up an appointment with our team of personal trainers. 

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