Sleeve boxes are unique design boxes with attractive colours and a variety of colours and patterns. These boxes are an excellent choice for keeping your items safe or representing them on any occasions. They are readily available in numerous ways and colours. The printing on sleeve boxes enhanced the presentation of the gift and emphasized its visibility. The sleeve inside acts like a drawer or a shield to protect the product inside more stylishly and attractively.

There are many designs available in sleeve boxes. Such as,

Apparel sleeve box:

Apparel items are eye-catchy when they are represented in the best way to the customer. Packing sleeve of clothes like shirts, ties etc., is a stylish and unique way. Not only gents, but you can pack ladies apparel in these boxes too. They are versatile and easy to use, and you can add different items in each box-like, like ties etc., to heighten the presentation and look of your packaging. Eye-catchy packaging helps your product get noticed and boost its visibility among other products. These cartons are designed to promote your brand logo and name and providing it with a new style and unique identity.

Die-cut sleeves boxes

These boxes include a die-cut design which consists of a window. You can insert the window on the top or anywhere you like it to be. The inside tray of the box stays the same and straightforward, but the die-cut design is visible on the outer side of the box. These die-cut designs are unique, stylish and attractive. It is unnecessary to have a window as a die-cut design, but it can be any other shape or company logo.

Sleeve boxes wholesale are cut with a standard design that you can easily select or replace with your company logo or any other structures.

There are different ways to use these die-cut boxes. You can design the whole box and tray with different styles and designs or just the top of the box. The tray inside can be created with other colors and patterns.

The material used in these boxes is mainly kraft, fine material and gives out enhanced printing results. Its eco-friendly attribute enhances its visibility and demand among business.

You can use kraft packaging sleeve boxes for various purposes. These cartons are of original kraft paper color, brown one solid color without any patterns and designs. You can use these boxes to keep small things like tapes, stickers, etc.

Sleeve gift boxes :

Sleeve boxes are creative and fun when it comes to gift boxes. You can designs, decorate, and colour these boxes with the help of your imagination and creativity.

Custom packaging sleeves boxes are a perfect choice to be represented on occasions and events like birthdays, new year, etc. You can have the printed sleeve box or color it by yourself and decorate it with different accessories like beads, stickers, colors, etc.

You can use different themes matching with the event or a unique color combination of the tray, and the top of the box will enhance its visibility and make your box outstanding.

why Sleeve packaging


Mostly it is considered that sleeve packaging is much more expensive than any other original packaging due to its unique pattern and shape, but it is not valid. Many companies, including our company “my box packaging, “give affordable rates with the best results and quality. You can choose the material of your choice and get it manufactured at economical rates,

Robust and durability

A product is beautiful and usable when it is not broken or spoiled during transportation or shipping. A customer will never like to have a broken or spoiled product. Sleeve boxes are durable and robust, which keeps the product intact in its place and keep it safe and unspoiled.


With time, customers are aware of harmful packaging and its effects on nature and them. Sleeve boxes are usually made of kraft or cardboard, which are highly recyclable and can decompose with the soil once they are thrown. It heightened its attributes and recommended in business. Using nature-friendly packaging will have a positive effect on the customer as you care about nature as well.


The unique design and style of sleeve boxes help you stand out in the crowd with many other boxes with you; when it comes to a product, everyone like to give them a unique identity and make them an attraction for the customer. Using sleeve boxes to introduce your product in the market and make an impression is the easiest and most profitable way.

Easy marketing

Brands always look for different ways to marketize their product in every possible way. Sleeve boxes printed with your company logo, name, and design helps you to advertise your brand easily and quickly. There is no need for any other marketing policies to enhance your brand when your sleeve boxes are in the market promoting your brand for free.

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